Kids Games The Most Popular Ones

Kids Games

By nature, kids are the ones who are really into playing games. During this stage of growth, they do not think of anything that’s really serious. In other words, they see things in a very simple way. They are not yet aware of the benefits associated with playing games and if they are getting anything good from it. They just want to spend time with their friends and have fun under whether they are under the sun or under the rain. There are so many types of games that kids play from the traditional games to the modern ones. Because of the advent of computers and the internet, many kids are going with the option of playing online games. Although these games help in developing their planning and thinking skills, those that require physical movements are still better. Here are some of the most popular games that are really good for kids.

Hide and seek is of the most played and is among the most popular games that kids play. In fact, almost everyone in this world was able to play this game during their childhood days. This is very simple and easy game to play, as its name suggests, one kid will be the one to seek and the others will hide. The “it” will close his eyes facing the tree or a wall which will serve as the base while the other kids will find a place to hide. After counting 1-20 or what was agreed, the “it” starts to seek for the other players. The “it” should do his best to tag every player before the reach the base and the first player that gets tagged before touching the base will be the next “it”.

Another game that many kids play is the washer toss game which will require a cup, a box and some washers. The box and the cup should be placed at the center of the playing area. Kids will then take turns in tossing the washers to the box and the cup. When a washer lands inside the box, it is equivalent to 1 point and when it lands in the cup, it will be 3 points. The first player to reach or exceed 21 points will be declared as the winner. There is also a game that is somewhat similar to this game, the cornhole game. Some people actually call it as a bean bag toss depending on their country. The same idea applies when kids are playing washer toss, kids will aim for a hole on the board using bean bags and the player to first reach 21 points score will be the winner.

Aside from these games, kick ball, red light green light, hop scotch, dodge ball and shadowing are also among the most popular games that children play. All these games are definitely very simple and easy to play but the happiness and joy that the games bring to the kids is absolutely great. Playing these games has indeed become a part of every kid’s life.