Classic online slots remain player favorites


Despite software makers releasing new online slots virtually every few days, a handful of classic video slots remain player favorites well over a decade since the start of the internet gambling boom.

It is hard to find exact stats – the online gambling industry is not one of the most transparent – but casino bonus offers are a great way to test the popularity of classic slots. While the industry is not overly transparent, it is extremely competitive, and bonus spins on slots are one of the most used promotion tools. If casinos are giving away bonus spins on any slot with deposit bonuses, it is safe to assume that slot game is a popular favorite.

For example, one of the most common slots to see in a casino welcome bonus is Starburst. Despite being several years old, this popular game is one of the most featured in online lobbies, and one of the most played.

Starburst is made by top game designer NetEnt, who say on their official website that the reason for Starburst’s popularity is hard to quantify, but do credit the game’s famous “Wilds.” It is certainly a wild, raucous game that puts on a dazzling visual display with every spin.

It’s no surprise then that Starburst is a very common choice for free spin giveaways in online casino promotions. Even the PlayOJO 50 free spins welcome offer – one of the most generous promotions anywhere as it comes with no wagering requirement – sets the player up with 50 free Starburst spins after a minimum £10 first deposit.

Another classic game that is just as popular as ever is the classic progressive slot Mega Moolah. The reason for this slot’s continued popularity is much easier to quantify – it turns players into instant millionaires like clockwork!

The jungle/safari theme of this slot can seem a bit outdated compared to more up to date rivals, but it continues to be a top player choice. Produced by NetEnt’s rival for slot design supremacy, Microgaming, every time a player spins the jackpot increases a tiny bit. Eventually, especially if there is no jackpot winner for several weeks, the top prize grows to an enormous amount.

As recently as January 2019, Mega Moolah set the world record for the single biggest payout of an online slot. A player won $20 million playing the game on Zodiac Casino.

Mega Moolah spins are much less common as welcome bonus promotions than Starburst spins, but there are several Microgaming-slot specialist casinos that have had successful Mega Moolah promotion offers for years. Perhaps the most well-known is from the same casino that now holds the recently set world record: Zodiac Casino offer 80 Mega Moolah spins for just a $1 deposit.

Will classic slots like Starburst and Mega Moolah ever be forgotten? Going by current trends that seems unlikely. New slots will come and go, but the classic games will likely always be the first choice for fun!