Wii Games For Fitness

These days kids are into video games. If you want to help get them interested in fitness you can play video games with them. Make sure you use the Wii (or PlayStation Move has a new game system out as well) so you all play video games that get you up and moving.

Wii Fitness is an excellent game to start out with. You can find the Wi Fit Package Deal online, in discount stores and even stores at the mall. With the Wi Fit you will get the actual game that you put into your Wii and a board. You can stand on the board and weigh yourself. The game will keep track of your weight, how much you want to lose, when and how long you exercise and if you are heading towards your goal.

You can start out with a few easy games or so you think. There are skiing games that let you race each other. For this game you will not have to stand on the Wi Fit board. You each will have a controller and use it to steer yourself. If you are jump skiing alone you can stand on the board. The board will know if you bend your knees or not when you perform your ski jump. You will use the controller with this game on the Wi Fit, too.

As you get better and better with the Wi Fit games and the longer you play you will open up new games to play. You will stay entertained as there are so many games and levels for you to complete.

If you start to skip too much time in between your exercising, the Wii Fit will have your character (which is the Mii you create to use to play the games) will be sound asleep. The Wii will even say it has not seen you in awhile. It is almost as if you are being scolded!

The Wii comes with the Wii Sports disc as well. This disc will have you up and kickboxing, playing baseball, playing tennis and golfing. All of these games are fantastic to get you moving instead of sitting on the couch all evening after work, school or working out of your home.

Have fun alone, with your spouse or significant other and/or your family. Get each other motivated by challenging each other to some video games. You need to move around, as well as your children if you have any as heart disease, diabetes in children as well as adults are at an all time high.

We have too many sedentary jobs such as working at a computer all day, in the office answering the telephone, kids playing video games and watching television instead of outside playing. The key to being fit is healthy food, food in moderation and activity that keeps you moving along with exercise.

Once you get started on the Wii video games that get you moving, you will soon take charge and get outdoors and start to exercise there as well.