Warcraft Game Guide Reviews

I have been playing Warcraft since beta. I know what it takes to level, I know what it takes to reap in the gold, and most importantly I know what makes a good game guide. Too many of my WOW friends were wasting there money on crap guides. Today I’m going to help you choose some game guides that actually work.

When it comes to The World of Warcraft, or any MMORPG for that matter, having the skills to get to the end game is really all that matters. The problem is that WOW can be complex, and it can be slow going once you get past level 20. To help, many people are turning to Warcraft Game Guides.

There are literally hundreds of game guides out there. There’s leveling guides, guides to earning gold, in-game help systems, and even Race or role specific guides. With so many of them on the market, choosing the game guide that’s actually worth your money can be difficult; and, put simply, some of them are crap. With that, let’s first talk about what a good Warcraft game guide is and is not.

First, a game guide is NOT the be-all-end-all answer to your leveling, gold, or other in-game problems. You’ll still have to get into the game and apply what the guide teaches.

Second, NOT everyone needs a Warcraft gaming guide. If you already have four level 80 characters, and your bank-roll is huge, then the latest guide is likely just a waste of money.

Third, a Warcraft guide IS an excellent way to take your game to a whole new level. A good game guide will take your World of Warcraft experience to a whole new level of enjoyment, and it can help you learn to earn gold and level faster!

Fourth, if you don’t take the time to find the right guide then you are just wasting your money. A crap guide can make your game worse, not better, and if you’re really interested in getting to the end game you need to take the time to choose the right guide.

To help, along with some of my in-game friends, I took the time to go through the top

guides on the market. We worked to evaluate close to thirty guides and from those we found the top five. I based my evaluations on the following criteria.

· Warcraft Play – Obviously the whole point of a game guide is to get tips to make the game work better for you.

· Up to Date – Since MMO’s are constantly evolving, so should the guides that teach us to play them. Higher ratings were given to the guides that looked up-to-date and didn’t recommend old styles or techniques.

· Ease of Game Tips – The best guides we evaluated gave ideas to accomplish tasks quickly without having to work through complex material or spend hours relearning a new style of play.

· Guide Value – Did the guide actually teach what we expected? Was what it taught worth the money we spent?

· Legal Tips (we hate cheats) – Higher ratings were given to guides that didn’t recommend things that violated WOW’s TOS. It’s no good getting kicked out of the game because some game guide taught us bad ideas.

· Overall Rating – From the above criteria we gave each guide an overall rating.

To test each guide we took what it taught and put it through the ropes in-game. With each guide we tested we tried the tips with different levels of characters, with different races, and we worked to learn and implement the ideas we learned. As a side note – we obviously chose appropriate situations for our testing. For example if it was a level 80 tip, it wouldn’t make sense to test with a level 20 character.

With the recommendations – the top rated guide is a gold secrets book. I am recommending Gold Secrets to anyone who plays Warcraft. If you need a leveling guide as well, you may also want to look at one of the other top-five that we listed (number 2 was an excellent leveling guide).

The best Warcraft guide we found hands down was Gold Secrets. The #1 Rated Game Guide for 2011. This one isn’t actually a leveling guide, but you need this one anyway, and here’s why:

Most players in WOW get to a certain level and then begin having problems because they can’t afford to keep up. There armor and weapons are levels behind, and they don’t have the gold to replace them. With Gold Secrets you get legal tips that will teach you how to make a pile of in-game money without investing a lot of time.

In other words – even if you do plan to buy a leveling guide (see our number 2 pick), you need this one first.

Gold Secrets is written by Luke Brown (a kick ass gamer btw), and in his guide he teaches you many different ways to make gold. You’ll get tips for your low-level characters, for you mid level characters, and for the end game. And, here’s the best part – every single idea Luke shares really works!